Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets Seven New Characters

They are: Boskonovitch, Unknown, Violet, Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang, Kunimitsu

The development team at Namco Bandai Games says that all those who have purchased their fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be able to get access to seven new characters to play with in the update that is live on the PlayStation Network.

Three characters are new to all those who play the game: Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet, which have been featured in previous titles in the series.

The developers say, “It’s been a long time, but we think it has been worth the wait when you see the changes the team has made to the new characters. These guys are absolute beasts in the ring with new move sets since the last time we’ve seen them.”

Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu are the other four characters that anyone can now use and they have previously been offered as pre-order incentives.

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