Tekken Card Tournament Mixes Browser Game and Physical Cards

The characters will be integrated into the virtual experience

Video game publisher Namco Bandai announces that it plans to launch a new Card Tournament game for the Tekken series, which will be offered in web browsers and on mobile gaming devices and will be complemented by a new set of physical booster packs later during 2013.

Tekken Card Tournament will allow players to enter the King of the Iron Fist tournament by using the free-to-play web-based browser title and physical game cards can be used to integrate new characters into the game via Augmented Reality mechanics.

Shusuke Takahara, the president of the Namco Bandai Games division in Europe, states, “We are proud to bring to life this amazing project that combines the company’s core strength in both gaming and toys to create this cross media experience.”

Namco has not yet announced a clear launch date or pricing for the physical card packs.

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