Team Fortress 2 and Source Updated, Changes and Fixes Linked to Taunts

Restrictions are removed from Shred Alert, Brutal Bouffant and Buck Turner All-Stars

The development team at Valve loves Team Fortress 2 so much that they delivered two updates for the multiplayer-based title in one day, fixing a number of issues, while also improving the overall performance of the Source engine on all Linux-powered machines.

Valve has eliminated a crash that was linked to firing a flamethrower after launching a taunt and another taunt issue linked to The Phlogistinator’s Mmmmph particle effect.

The company is also updating a number of animations and removing the promo item restrictions from the Shred Alert, the Brutal Bouffant and the Buck Turner All-Stars.

Because players have been performing so well in Team Fortress 2, Valve also updated the Heads Up Display panels in order to support team scores that have more than two digits.

A full list of the changes is available in the official announcement.

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