Team Fortress 2 Mixup Match Features Notch, Robin Walker, More

Gamers need to donate in order to get into the match

Video game developer Valve announces that for the fifth year in a row the company is preparing a Mixup match for Team Fortress 2, which will allow gamers to donate for a good cause and get a chance to play with PC video game stars, including the likes of Minecraft creators Marcus “Notch” Persson and Robin Walker, the man behind the game.

The Mixup match will raise money for the Doctors Worldwide charity and it will also include Evan Lahti from PC Gamer, Freddie Wong from YouTube and one of the leading Counter-Strike programmers, cArn.

Those gamers who donate to the official website will be able to get access to the game server and play Team Fortress 2 with the people mentioned above.

The Mixup game is a very successful charity effort and the match that Valve ran last year managed to gather more than 14,000 dollars (10,990 Euro) for Child’s Play.

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