Team Fortress 2 Gets Update, Fixes Stuck Mann vs. Machine Robots

The core Source engine also receives a number of crash fixes

The development team at Valve is delivering yet another update for its Source engine and for TGeam Fortress 2, their popular squad based shooter.

The Source update applies to Day of Defeat: Source and to Half-Life: Deathmatch and eliminates a number of crashes a number of crashes linked to the engine, including one related to audio and another linked to the “Overflow error writing string table baseline” message.

Team Fortress 2 gets new promotional items, including those linked to the BioShock Infinite pre-order campaign.

The giant robots in the Mann vs. Machine mode are no longer getting stuck in the environments.

There are also other changes detailed in the official update post from Valve.

The developers have also eliminated a problem with the Steam trading interface that was linked to the Guard service.

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