Team Fortress 2 Gets Mann vs. Machine Holiday Event, Includes Mecha-Engineer

Gamers can also get access to Naughty or Nice crates

Team Fortress 2 is getting a holiday-themed event of its own, designed specifically for the Mann versus machine cooperative mode, with new weapons added to the shooter and gamers set to battle the force of the Mecha-Engineer.

A new map called Big Rock is added, offering more battle space than any other previously created by Valve.

The Mecha-Engineer will be a fearsome foe for the humans, with Valve saying, “These Grinch-like Smissmas cakewalk destroyers can skip huge areas of the path with their teleporting ability, and also teleport other robots forward instantly with their ‘telling other robots about the teleporter’ ability.”

Valve is also adding Naughty and Nice crates to Team Fortress 2 via the official store and gamers can also enjoy a new comic called Shadow Boxer on the official site.

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