Team Fortress 2 Gets Major Update, Fixes Action Figure Import

It's also easier to upload content to YouTube and changes to animations

Video game developer Valve is deploying a new major patch for its shooter Team Fortress 2, designed to eliminate a number of bugs and fix exploits in order to improve the quality of the game experience.

The update will be applied the first time a player restarts the Steam digital distribution service.

The biggest fix is linked to the Red Pyro and the Red Demoman action figures, which were not currently offering Genuine quality version in the game.

All those who have redeemed codes already will get their correct items when they launch Team Fortress 2 again.

A full list of changes is available in the official update announcement.

Valve is also adding an option to the game allowing players to see all items that can be sold on the Community Market from Team Fortress 2, with attached prices.

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