Tattoo Artist Sues THQ over UFC Undisputed 3 Carlos Condit Tattoo

The company cannot afford more financial problems at the moment

A tattoo artist is launching a lawsuit against video game publisher THQ based on the fact that the company used one of his works without a license in its simulation UFC Undisputed 3.

The artist has created the impressive lion that belongs to Carlos Condit and he says that the publisher should compensate him for its use.

Previously, other tattoo artists have successfully used copyright law to get money from companies who have failed to license their work before using it in other media.

The lawsuit comes at a bad time for publisher THQ, which has recently announced that it is delaying its entire line-up, including potential hits like Company of Heroes 2 and the new Metro.

The company seems to have important financial troubles that might be compounded by the UFC Undisputed 3 legal action.

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