THQ's Internal Studios Will Also Be Auctioned Off on January 22

Volition, Vigil, Relic Entertainment, THQ Montreal, and other studios will be sold

THQ's upcoming bankruptcy auction, which takes place on January 22, will not only see the company's different properties, including its video game franchises, sold to potential bidders, but also its internal studios, including groups like Volition, Vigil Games, Relic Entertainment, or THQ Montreal.

THQ declared bankruptcy last month and was scheduled to be sold to Clearlake Capital this week.

Sadly, a bankruptcy court judge has decided that, in the interest of the company's creditors, the company won't be sold as whole to Clearlake. Instead, an auction will be organized in which interested parties, including EA or Warner Bros. can bid for different THQ properties.

Besides selling different franchises, like Saints Row, Homefront, Darksiders, and much more, the bid will also see THQ's different internal studios sold to the highest bidders, according to CVG.

The website claims that a special auction will be organized and that the different studios will be sold completely to different bidders.

If the total sum paid for THQ's assets is smaller than the $60 million announced by Clearlake, then THQ will be sold completely to the original investment group.

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