THQ’s Atlas, Evolve, 1666 and Crawler Revealed by Bankruptcy Documents

The publisher might be forced to abandon some of them

The documents that video game publisher THQ has filled for the recently announced bankruptcy process have revealed a number of titles that the company had been working for before it was forced to seek protection from its creditors.

The newly opened Montreal studio of THQ is working on 1666, while the Vigil Games studio is now involved with a new title called Crawler, after finishing up Darksiders 2.

Relic Entertainment, the developer in charge of Company of Heroes 2, is also in charge of an unannounced project called Atlas, set to arrive during 2014.

Turtle Rock Studios, creator of Left 4 Dead 2 and Counter-Strike Source, is using its expertise on Evolve, a cooperative game.

It’s not clear whether resources to create all these games will exist after THQ emerges from the bankruptcy process.

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