THQ Could Have Survived in a Digital Future, Says Former Leader

The company needed to find ways to explore solid franchises

Jason Rubin, the former boss of publisher THQ, believes that his company could have survived and even thrived in a gaming future that’s dominated by digital distribution and online games.

Talking to Game Informer, the executive states, “Based on that change, in a few years, a THQ would be able to survive, and larger publishers will be even more profitable. But the next few years of transition are going to be incredibly challenging for all triple-A game companies.”

Rubin regrets not being able to put his plan into action, but he believes that future events will prove him right.

Most of THQ’s assets were sold at auction, including developers and big franchises, and other assets will also be offloaded at a later date.

SEGA now owns Relic, Ubisoft has taken over THQ Montreal and Koch Media owns Metro.

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