SynergiesMOD for Torchlight 2 Adds Necromancer Class, Monsters, Dungeons, Items

Gamers will also get more classes and options in future versions

All Torchlight 2 fans that are complaining about the amount of content that the game offers can exponentially increase the quality of their experience by downloading the SynergiesMOD, created by a number of passionate gamers.

The SynergiesMOD is designed to offer an entire new class to play as: a fully formed Necromancer who comes complete with 30 skills to use and his own set of legendary armor.

Gamers who download it can also face 108 new Elite monsters, 11 World Bosses and 6 rare Dragons in 28 new dungeons.

New items introduced by the mod include 4 sets of Legendary Armor and a set of weapons of the same quality.

The team behind SynergiesMOD also has big plans for the future, with the official description stating that they want to add, “24 planned Classes, 3 more Raid Dungeon chains, 2 Quest hubs, 2 more ACTS of overworld play, 3 more Legendary Armor sets, a second tier of legendary weapons, as well as fleshing out the tier1 weapons with more options.”

Darkness Falls Easy, Necromancer, Veteran. - Mod DB

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