Syberia 3 Receives First Two Pieces of Artwork

The game already has a story outline from the original series' creator

The development team at Anuman working on Syberia 3 is ready to reveal the first two pieces of artwork made for the game by series creator Benoit Sokal, the first pieces of information linked to the new installment since it was announced late in 2012.

The team is also offering a short quote from the first draft of the game story, which is already written.

It reads: “When Nic Quentin arrives at the clinic, Kate Walker would have vanished… once more.”

Syberia 3 is set to be launched during either 2014 or 2015 on PC and home consoles, although Anuman has not clarified whether it will target the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 or the next generation of devices from Sony and Microsoft.

The Syberia series had a big following among adventure game enthusiasts, but it’s unclear whether a similar experience can attract modern players.


Syberia 3 Artwork (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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