Sword of the Stars II Gets Extensive Patch

The game is now more stable and offers a better experience

Developer Kerberos Productions and publisher Paradox Interactive have launched a new patch for their space-based strategy game Sword of the Stars II, which is designed to fix a number of crashes associated with various game situations while also improving the overall game experiences.

The full patch notes can be found on the Steam digital distribution service and more details about its impact are available on the official website for the game.

The eliminated crashes include:

- Fixed CTD when loa system destroyed

- Fixed endturn CTD caused by locust scout

- Fixed gardener waypoint CTD

- Fixed rare mission CTD

- Fixed suulka repair CTD

- Fixed CTD entering battlemanager

- Fixed CTD entering research screen

Sword of the Stars II was in rough shape when it was first launched but, since then, the team at Kerberos has issued a number of patches in order to improve the game experience.

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