Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition Out on Steam, Includes “End of Flesh” Expansion

Owners of the original game have been automatically upgraded

Paradox has just published a new and improved version of Swords of the Stars II. Although the improvements are only on the outside, developers hope to attract more customers by offering more content in one package.

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition includes The Lords of Winter and the first expansion of the game, End of Flesh. Those unfamiliar with this expansion pack should know it introduces a new playable race, the Loa.

It is also worth mentioning the Enhanced Edition of Sword of the Stars II contains all previous DLCs with new avatars, new combat music, alternate voices, skins, as well as new badges for the warships.

Fans of the genre who already purchased the original Sword of the Stars II will be automatically upgraded to the Enhanced Edition. Check it out here.

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