Sword of the Stars 2 Gets Steam-Based Patch 1.1.23976.3

CTDs are eliminated, bugs fixed and balance improved

The development team at Kerberos Productions and Valve offer a new patch for their space-based Sword of the Stars 2, making significant changes to the core game and fixing a number of CTD-related issues that the community has reported since launch.

The full patch notes are available in the Steam announcement and most of them deal with crashes and game problems, although there are also some game balance and user interface changes.

After patch 1.1.23976.3 is applied, gamers will only be able to use Valve’s Steam in order to conduct multiplayer matches, although support for LAN games is expected to come via another patch.

Sword of the Stars 2 is a very ambitious space strategy that was plagued by problems at launch, although developers at Kerberos have since fixed most of them.

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