Super Meat Boy Gets 80 Percent Price Cut on Steam Today

Inspired by old platformers like Mega Man 2, Ghost and Goblins and Super Mario Bros. 2

Valve, the creator of the Steam digital distribution service, and developer Team Meat announce that they have cut the price of Super Meat Boy by 80 percent, which means that the game can be bought for 2.79 dollars or Euro.

The official description for the game reads: “Our meaty hero will leap from walls, over seas of buzz saws, through crumbling caves and pools of old needles.”

The main inspirations for Super Meat Boy are older titles like Mega Man 2, Ghost and Goblins and the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

The player needs all of his skill and quick reflexes in order to complete the complex levels of Super Meat Boy.

The soundtrack for the game, which many reviewers praised, can also be downloaded for an 80% price cut.

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