Super Hexagon Creator Cancels Nexus City and Selma’s Story

He plans to take a break during the first half of 2013

Terry Cavanagh, the indie game creator best known for creating Super Hexagon, says that he has canceled two projects he was working on, Nexus City and Selma’s Story, because they were affecting his ability to work on other titles.

The developer states on his official blog, quoted by VG247, that, “Even though it’s not a project I’m actively spending much of my time on, Nexus City has weighed heavily on my mind. I’ve been thinking of Nexus City as ‘the thing I’m working on’ since 2010. As a result, for a long time now, I’ve felt like I wasn’t really in control of what I can work on.”

Cavanagh says that the momentum for Nexus City is no longer present and the developer wants to start 2013 by taking some time off before thinking about future projects.

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