Suda51 Offers Details on Killer is Dead

The game will focus on sword fighting, futuristic prosthetics

By on January 18th, 2013 06:58 GMT

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture is using the most recent issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu to offer more information on Killer is Dead, the next project from well-known game creator Suda51.

The new action title will put the player in the stylish suits of Mondo Zappa, who has been recruited by a government agency called The Execution Office to travel around the world and take out a number of enemy assassins.

He also had his left arm modified to turn, at will, into everything from a drill to a weapon, complementing his sword-based fighting style, according to Gematsu.

The world of Killer is Dead is cyberpunk-inspired and has the Moon as a destination for family vacations.

Suda51 also reveals that players will be able to absorb blood from their enemies in order to power a special decapitation attack.

The game is expected to arrive on home consoles in late summer on the Japanese market.