Street Fighter x Mega Man Version 2.0 Launches on Friday, Brings Fixes

Gamers will get improved controller support, some character changes

Video game developer and publisher Capcom says that the version 2.0 patch for Street Fighter x Mega Man will be offered to all players this Friday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time with a solid list of fixes.

The full details are available on the Capcom Unity blog and gamers will be able to download the patch from the Mega Man hub of the company.

The biggest new feature in the Version 2.0 patch is the fact that passwords will now work in the Mega Man 2 style.

Capcom is also delivering improved controller support and has made changes to some of the included characters.

The company also acknowledges that some fan-made fighters will have performance issues on integrated Intel graphics process.

Street Fighter x Mega Man is available as a free download and marks the 25-year anniversary of the character.

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