Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Update Coming After Darkstalkers Resurrection Launch

There are some issues that the team will be unable to solve

Developer Iron Galaxy says that it still plans to launch an update for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, but will only do so after it has launched the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection.

The new patch will also be the last one for the title and the bad news is that the team has decided that some of the issues that players have reported will never be fixed.

The team states, “The summary is the Arcade version of 3S doesn’t really run at a reliable frame rate. It can fluctuate on a stage-to-stage and character-to-character basis that we’re not confident we can properly reproduce, given that this is a port and not straight CPS3 Emulation.”

More information on the issues that might get a fix next year is offered on the official blog of the development team.

Darkstalkers Resurrection will launch during 2013.

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