Streamlined Xbox Live Region Swapping Service Is Now Official

Gamerscore, MS Points, and Gold membership time will be carried over

After a brief leak earlier this month, Microsoft has just released a brand new service that should streamline the whole Xbox Live region swapping issue and migrate many things for Xbox 360 owners who are moving to a new country.

Xbox 360 owners who needed to move to another country and wanted to keep the data on their Xbox Live accounts were forced to go through a lengthy process and communicate with Xbox support staff in order to complete the whole thing.

Now, Microsoft has released a brand new website that should make the whole Xbox Live region changing process much more streamlined and intuitive.

Basically, the system will migrate things like the Gamerscore, achievements, MS Points, remaining Gold membership time and the profile of the user. Sadly, things like access to region specific applications and subscriptions to certain content won't be carried over due to legal obligations.

Xbox Live users can change their regions once every three months.

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