Steampunk Horizontal Shoot'em Up “Sine Mora” Now Live on Steam

The game provides players with challenging boss fights

Sine Mora is one of the most interesting indie titles launched this year. Initially launched on Xbox 360 consoles, the game was successfully ported on PC after several months.

Developed by Hungarian studio Digital Reality, Sine Mora is a challenging horizontal shoot'em up with steampunk environments.

Add to that the soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka, the same guy who composed the music for the Silent Hill series, and you get a combination that cannot fail.

Although Sine Mora offers pretty challenging Story Mode, it's the Arcade Mode that fans of the genre will want to play.

The game features more than 50 weapon combos that can help players successfully complete each of the 7 stages. It is also worth mentioning all bosses in the game have been designed by Mahiro Maeda, a popular Japanese anime creator.

Sine Mora is now available for download via Steam for only €7. Check out our Sine Mora for Xbox 360 quick look here.

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