SteamOS Supports 16 Valve Controllers Simultaneously, Say Developers

Developers can create complex local multiplayer experiences

The upcoming SteamOS from Valve is designed to allow for the simultaneous connection of 16 of the haptic controllers that the company is also creating, which open up a number of possibilities for local multiplayer.

The information comes from a Twitter message from one of the developers who is attending the Steam Dev Days.

He says that when the 16 number was first mentioned by Valve, the room erupted into applause.

It’s unclear whether any companies have plans to create experiences that use them all for multiplayer matches.

Both the haptic controller and the SteamOS are set to be launched later during the year and will be used on the Steam machines that partners are creating.

During the Steam Dev Days, companies are finding out the long-term plans of Valve and are getting a chance to actually use all the hardware before it is offered to the general public.

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