Steam Thanksgiving Sale Starts This Week

Torchlight 2 developer confirms a price cut for its game

Torchlight 2 developer Runic Games has confirmed that its recent role-playing title will get a discount later this week, as part of the traditional Steam Thanksgiving sale, effectively confirming that the digital distribution service will run a special series of deals soon.

Steam has earned a very loyal user base by treating them with all sorts of impressive deals, ranging from daily, midweek, or weekend ones, to special sales that happen during certain holidays.

Now, it seems that Steam will run its traditional Thanksgiving sale later this week, as Torchlight 2 dev Runic Games has confirmed on its website that its recently released dungeon crawler will get a temporary discount as part of the sales spree on Steam later this week.

While a concrete start date for the Steam Thanksgiving sale wasn’t given, you can expect it to debut towards the middle of the week.

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