Steam Survey Reveals Low Windows 8 Adoption

Gamers might be listening to criticism from Gabe Newell

Recent figures from the Steam hardware survey show that only 0.44 percent of those who use the Valve digital distribution service actually use the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft.

The player base for Steam is over 54 million, which means that just over 237,000 are using the OS.

Those who have responded to the hardware survey might represent a self-selecting sample that has a lower than usual intention to use Windows 8, according to Gamespot cited figures.

Previous figures from the NPD Group have also showed that actual PC sales in the United States have gone down in the month after Windows 8 was officially launched by Microsoft.

Gabe Newell, the leader of Valve, has stated that he sees the OS as a problem for PC gaming and has suggested that his own company might create a gaming focused operating system at some point in the future.

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