Steam Summer Sale 2013 Starts on July 11 Judging by Russian Ad, Midweek Madness Update

Two reports confirm a sale between July 11 and July 22

The great Steam Summer Sale of 2013 could begin on July 11, at least judging by the new Midweek Madness sale that's currently available for the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and expires on July 11 at 10am PT, instead of the usual 4pm PT, and by a special ad posted in Russia by an online commerce provider.

Update: A Valve support representative has also confirmed a July 11 start for the sale.

The Steam Summer Sale of 2013 is one of the most eagerly awaited sales sprees of the year, as Valve operates hundreds of price cuts to the many games available on its digital distribution service.

While the promotion had been rumored to start last week, on July 4, that didn't actually happen.

Now, it's pretty certain that the Steam Summer Sale 2013 will kick off on July 11, later this week.

The first thing to confirm this is the current Midweek Madness sale, which is a discount for NFS: Hot Pursuit, and which expires at 10am PT, instead of the regular 4pm PT, on July 11. At 10am, Valve operates its storefront refresh and could kick off the sale.

The second confirmation comes from an ad posted by a Russian company, via Reddit, that operates transactions for Steam in the country, which confirms that the sale lasts between July 11 and July 22.

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