Steam Summer Sale 2013 Starts Tomorrow, July 4, According to New Bundles Update

Lots of packs and bundles are being added to the Steam database

The Steam Summer Sale is set to begin quite soon, possibly tomorrow, July 4, at least according to an influx of game bundles that have been added to the Steam database by developers from around the world.

UPDATE #2: The Steam Summer Sale of 2013 could start on July 11, at least according to the Midweek Madness sale and a Russian ad.

Update: A big list of indie game bundles and packs for the Steam Summer Sale of 2013 has been leaked so check it out right here.

Tens of millions of Steam users await two great periods each year, in the form of the Summer and Winter sales.

Seeing as how we're in the month of July, the traditional summer promotion is set to begin soon enough, as hinted at by Valve itself last month.

Now, the Steam database has seen a rush of big bundles added to its directories, including all sorts of franchises like Borderlands, Dawn of War, Trine, Fear, and much more, including the extra special Valve Complete Pack.

Considering this phenomenon was spotted before the reveal of other sales on Steam, it's quite possible that Valve will unleash 2013 edition of the Steam Summer Sale tomorrow, July 4.

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