Steam Polish Bundle Offers Hard Reset, Zombie Driver HD, Two Worlds II, Anomaly and Call of Juarez

All the games are offered with a significant price reduction

Digital distribution service Steam has put together a new bundle to offer during Midweek Madness, this time featuring only video games that have been created by Polish developers.

The new pack includes: Zombie Driver HD, Two Worlds II, Hard Reset: Extended Edition, Call of Juarez and Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

The entire package can be bought for 14.99 dollars or Euro and all those interested in it need to make sure they place an order before 4 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday.

Players who buy the pack get more than 50 dollars or Euro off the normal price of all the games.

The standout from the Polish Steam bundle is clearly Hard Reset, which offers a first-person shooter experience that mixes quick action with an interesting storytelling style, but Anomaly and Two Worlds II are also solid games.

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