Steam Is Now Available on Linux as Closed Beta

The digital distribution service can now be tried out by select Ubuntu 12.04 users

After lots of waiting and plenty of pleading from fans, Valve has officially released its Steam digital distribution service for Linux operating systems as a closed beta only for the Ubuntu 12.04 distribution.

Steam is one of the biggest download services in the world offering to PC and then to Mac users a variety of great games and, more recently, access to different software programs.

Now, the service has been officially released for the Linux platform, more specifically for the Ubuntu 12.04 distribution.

Steam for Linux is currently in a closed beta stage, according to an official statement, but, as time goes on, Valve will gradually open the service to new users until releasing it for the general public.

As of right now, quite a few games on Steam support Linux platforms, including Team Fortress 2, Serious Sam 3, and much more.

Steam for Linux will gradually support different distributions as time goes by and you can expect plenty of existing games to soon offer their Linux versions through the service.

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