Steam Introduces New Weekly Deals, Including Flatout, Steel Storm, Alpha Prime, Karateka

The company wants to highlight a new low price titles

Valve announces that it is introducing a new deal opportunity for those who use the Steam digital distribution service, allowing players to get a set of titles that have a significant price cut from Monday to Friday for each week.

The first edition of the new deal system launches with up to 75 percent cut for Flatout, Silent Storm: Burning Retribution, Alpha Prime and Karateka.

The titles included are not AAA releases but offer solid and interesting game experiences that should appeal to fans of the various genres and have a low price point.

Karateka is the remake of an old school title, focused on rhythm battles, Alpha Prime is a classic first person shooter, Burning Retribution is a top down title and Flatout offers players a classic car muscle racing experience.

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