Steam Holiday Sale 2012 Day 16 Has Price Cuts for Sleeping Dogs, Crysis, More

Score discounts for Rage, Trine, Amnesia, or Forge

We're close to the end of the Steam Winter Holiday Sale of 2012 but Valve isn't slowing down, as Day 16 of the promotion brings discounts for some of the most popular games and franchises, ranging from Sleeping Dogs, to Rage, Crysis, Trine, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or Forge.

The Steam Winter Holiday Sale of 2012 has brought forth all sorts of great deals for users of the digital download service, including many daily discounts as well as flash sales and community choices.

Now, we're in Day 16 of the huge promotion and Valve has decided to cut the prices of all sorts of standalone franchises, like the Crysis or Trine ones, as well as for standalone titles, like Sleeping Dogs, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Rage, or Forge.

Yesterday's deals are still in effect and you can check them out, alongside other flash discounts, right here.

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