Steam Guides Feature Now Available for All Users

Browse guides online and from within a game via the Steam Overlay

The recently announced Steam Guides option for the popular digital distribution service is now available for all users, as Valve has just confirmed that high-rated walkthroughs will be featured in the Steam Overlay while inside different games.

Steam is the most popular digital distribution service out there with over 50 million users across the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

In order to further promote a sense of cooperation in the community, Valve rolled out a special beta feature last year called Steam Guides that allows users to create different guides for different games.

Now, the feature is complete and has just been released for all Steam users, according to Valve.

Users can now enjoy a special Steam Guides section in the Community section of the service and, while they're in certain games, like Team Fortress 2, they’ll be able to access the guides right from the Steam Overlay, without having to exit or Alt+Tab from the game.

Check out all the details about the new Steam Guides at this official link.

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