Steam Greenlight Updated, Adds Communication Tools

Developers will be able to better promote their games

Video game developer and Steam creator Valve announces that it has updated its Greenlight service, making it easier for those who post their projects to communicate with their fan base as they seek to promote their titles.

The official announcement says, “developers can post announcements to their Steam Greenlight pages to highlight updates, additions, and milestones.”

All those who have added a game’s page to their favorites will also see the updates, which makes it easier to communicate with fans and those that might buy a game once it is launched.

Valve Greenlight links also have better visibility on social network services like Facebook and Twitter and it’s easier to link pages with crowd funding services Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Valve also says that it will announce the next series of games that have been accepted for Greenlight on November 30.

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