Steam Down Worldwide – 03/13/2014 Updated

Steam users cannot connect to servers regardless of the country they live in

Steam is experiencing another outage right now, which means that users worldwide cannot connect to servers and all clients are provided with a “Connection Error” message every time.

Even though Valve has not yet provided an official reason for the downtime, it turns out that the company is already working on the issues, as reports coming from several users have confirmed that servers were back online for a few seconds before going down once again.

Basically, the error that users are getting when launching Steam on Windows says that the client “could not connect to the Steam network” and “it appears that you are not currently connected to the Internet, or that you Internet connection is not configured correctly for Steam.”

At this point, online services that are tracking Steam’s status are pointing to a global outage, with similar problems experienced in both the United States and Europe.

Of course, everybody is waiting for an official statement from Valve, so for the moment, we have no other option than to wait and hit the reconnect button every few minutes.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, make sure you let us and the other readers know about it by posting a message in the comment box after the jump.

Update 1: it seems that Valve is again working to fix the issues, as users are reporting that some servers are coming back online, but the outage continues for almost everyone.

Update 2: our users are telling us that Steam is back online in some countries, including France, Germany, Italy, and Ireland.

Update 3: claims that Steam is back online in the United States, but our users say that servers are still down. Access to Steam is however expected to be restored in the US very soon as well.

Update 4: users who managed to connect to Steam claim that downloads are terribly slow for the moment, so Valve is most likely still working to fix the issues.

Update 5: here are some of the countries where Steam is still down right now: Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Russia, the United States.

Update 6: a number of users in the United States are reporting that Steam is back online and everything appears to be working just fine.

Update 7: Steam is again working in some countries, but the store appears to be unavailable. Users are provided with the following error: "Unable to connect to server. Server may be offline or you may not be connected to the internet."

Update 8: Valve has finally managed to repair all issues, so Steam is now back online in all countries across the globe. The store also appears to be working fine.

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