Steam Client Updated, HTTP Downloads Fixed

Valve is working hard to eliminate all bugs from the service

Valve is releasing yet another update for the client of its Steam digital distribution service, set to eliminate some of the bugs that have crept up since the previous version was introduced this week.

The full list of changes reads:

- Fixed texture corruption when using the Game Overlay in OpenGL games

- Fixed failing to do HTTP downloads from hosts that started with a numeral

- Linux - Added X window manager name to system info dialog

Steam is the biggest PC-based digital distribution system and rumors suggest that the Linux move is the first step in the creation of a Steam Box hardware which would connect to TVs and would allow all titles in the library to be played via a controller.

Recently, Valve went through a personnel shake-up that might have changed some long-term plans for the company, although the leadership insists that no projects are canceled.

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