Steam Box Won't Be Revealed in 2013, Valve Clarifies

The studio clarifies recent reports concerning its future mini PC

Valve has officially clarified the speculation around its long-awaited Steam Box device, saying through the voice of its hardware engineer, Ben Krasnow, that the mini PC won't be revealed in 2013, despite previous reports.

Rumors about Valve's Steam Box have floated around the web for quite some time, but things got a lot clearer earlier this week, when a German website quoted the studio's Ben Krasnow as saying that the mini PC will come out in 2013.

Now, Krasnow has issued a statement to Engadget about the report, saying that his words were misinterpreted and confirming that the studio won't announce anything this year.

"With regards to the Steam Box news - there has been a lot of things that we are working on getting Steam into the living room, and are planning for a hardware box, but we have no current plans to announce anything in 2013," he said.

While Valve's official Steam Box might not appear this year, other project, like Xi3's own device, might still make it onto the market soon enough.

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