Steam Box Can Beat Consoles If It's "Cool" Enough, Valve Says

PS3 or Xbox 360 owners will realize the great value of the Steam Box

Valve boss Gabe Newell has once again talked about the upcoming Steam Box mini PC, saying that he's quite confident in the device, even if consoles like the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 are currently dominating gamers’ living rooms.

Valve is pushing its Steam service into the living room as new features, like the Big Picture mode, are making the service and its games accessible on big screen HDTVs.

Besides these improvements for the service, the studio is also working on its own dedicated mini PC in the form of the so-called Steam Box.

We already heard quite a few rumors about the device and even a few official details from Valve itself, including from the studio's boss, Gabe Newell, who has just confessed his confidence in the Steam Box.

"The internet is super smart. If you do something that is cool, that's actually worth people's time, then they'll adopt it. If you do something that's not cool and sucks, you can spend as many marketing dollars as you want, [they] just won't," he said, when asked by The Verge if the Steam Box can compete with current consoles.

As of yet, the Steam Box hasn't received any details like an official release date.

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