Steam BioShock Infinite Pre-Orders Unlock TF2 Items, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

All those who get the game already get the original in the series

BioShock Infinite, the new video game from Ken Levine and his Irrational Games team, is a little more than one month from launch and publisher 2K Games is teaming with Valve to launch an pre-order scheme complete with unlocks on Steam.

Gamers who get the game via the digital distribution service can get access to a number of items for Team Fortress 2 and even to a complete free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, one of the best video games launched during last year.

The first rewards tier, which includes a free copy of the original BioShock, has already been unlocked.

BioShock Infinite is also offered via Green Man Gaming, where players can choose from a number of free titles.

The game takes player to the floating island of Columbia where they play as a detective who is trying to save a girl called Elizabeth, who has supernatural powers.

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