Valve Aware of German Consumer Group Complaints, Not Worried

The legal action aims to force the company to allow games resale

Video game developer Valve says it is not worried about the legal action that a German consumer group called VZBV is launching against it based on changes made to the End User License Agreement.

Doug Lombardi, one of the leaders of Valve, tells Gamasutra that, “we understand the complaint is somehow regarding the transferability of Steam accounts, despite the fact that this issue has already been ruled upon favorably to Valve in a prior case between Valve and the VZBV by the German supreme court.”

Valve still offers the Steam digital distribution service to German players and will continue to do so as long as the legal action is taking place.

The lawsuit is linked to a ruling from the European court system, which states that users should have the right to re-sell previously bought software, which includes video games bought via digital distribution services.

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