Steam Autumn Sale Day Two Offers Max Payne 3, Portal, Prototype, More

There are also flash deals to check out and yesterday's games

Steam has introduced a new set of price cuts for the second day of its Autumn Sale, allowing gamers to buy a number of high profile titles for low prices.

Today’s deals include: Portal 2, which is now available for 75 percent off, Sleeping Dogs, the newly launched Awesomenauts, Max Payne 3, ArmA 2 Combined Operations and the entire Prototype series.

The highlight of the bunch is clearly max Payne 3, a game that manages to capture the intense firefights of the classic games in the franchise, while also introducing the social and political commentary that developer Rockstar is so fond of.

Gamers have another 24 hours to get access to yesterday’s deals: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a great turn based strategy game, The Walking Dead, Age of Empires II, Darksiders II, Terraria and Magic.

The main Steam store page also offers constantly changing flash deals, which at the moment include Company of Heroes and Dead Island.

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