Stealth Games Are Hard to Sell, Says Dishonored Developer

Companies need to make sure they properly support them

Raphael Colantonio, the chief executive officer of Arkane Studio, believes that the success of his team’s Dishonored is a sign that the stealth game genre can sell well, despite the inherent difficulties it has to find an audience.

He tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that, “It’s very validating for us, because it’s the kind of game we always wanted to make. They’ve always been hard to sell.”

The CEO says that accessibility has been a problem, alongside issues linked to promotional efforts from the publishers.

Colantonio believes that his team can continue to create solid stealth experiences as long as they focus on the same values.

Bethesda has already said that it is considering Dishonored to be a long-term franchise, but it has not announced any information on a sequel.

Recently, the game got access to another DLC pack, Witches of Brigmore.

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