Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Trailer Focuses on Multiplayer and eSports

The game will be more welcoming to newcomers and will have training options

The development team at Blizzard working on Starcraft 2 is giving fans of the real-time strategy title a new look at the changes that will be made in the coming Heart of the Swarm expansion, this time with a focus on the features added to multiplayer and the expanded support for eSports.

Cloaken, a community manager at the company, gives a full rundown of new mechanics introduced to Starcraft 2 and explains how players will be able to use them once the game is launched.

The features include a fully customizable interface for observers, global play, the addition of Groups and Clans and more.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be launched in early March exclusively on the PC.

Blizzard has announced that it is moving Diablo III to the newly revealed PlayStation 4 from Sony.

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