Star Wars and Star Trek Director Reveals Video Game Influences

The list includes adventures, Limbo, Tribes, Tomb Raider and more

J.J. Abrams, the movie director and television producer, reveals that the video games that he admires include Infocom-made text adventure titles, Tribes, Tomb Raider, Limbo, Dead Space and Call of Duty.

In an interview with Gamasutra the content creator states, “Back in the day, one of the games that first really got me, and this was hundreds of years ago now, I loved the Infocom text adventures. They were brilliantly done, it was a simple parser, but they were wildly immersive and really fun. I was a huge, huge fan of what those guys did in Cambridge.”

Abrams says that he appreciates Tribes for the sense of freedom that it offers and that most of the games he is currently exposed to are also played by his son.

The director is currently working with Valve to create movies based on Half-Life and Portal.

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