Star Wars: The Old Republic Teases Return of the Gree Content

Gamers will also get access to a new reputation system

The development team at BioWare in charge of Star Wars: The Old Republic is offering the first information on a new batch of content called Return of the Gree, which will ask players to travel to the planet Ilum to investigate a new potential galactic threat.

A long-lost Gree spaceship will allow players to face a tough new opponent, which will require tactics and adequate skills to defeat and they will also be able to get access to Gree technology, including new weapons and pieces of armor.

The event will be recurring and gamers will also be able to gather Galactic Reputation with a number of factions.

The new six ranks that players will be able to unlock are: Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion and Legend.

BioWare has not said when Return of the Gree will be launched.

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