Star Wars: The Old Republic Servers Down on December 11 for Update 1.6

Gamers get access to new Warzone and more Heroic Missions

Video game developer BioWare says that it will take down the servers for Star Wars: The Old Republic on December 11 in order to update them with the mechanics and the new content introduced in update 1.6, called Ancient Hypergate.

Gamers will be able to get to the new Ancient Hypergate Warzone, where players will be able to join Republic and Sith teams that battle for powerful energy pylons, which will then be used to bring in reinforcements and defeat the other side.

Ancient Hypergate also introduces six Heroic Space Missions for each faction.

The full change list for the 1.6 update to Star Wars: The Old Republic is available on the official site of the game.

BioWare launched the new Star Wars MMO in late 2011 and since then, the game has moved to a free-to-play model.

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