Star Wars: The Old Republic Down for Two Hours Starting with 8 AM GMT

Gamers will also get access to a new patch after maintenance

BioWare says that it will take its MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic down starting with 8 AM GMT today in order to perform maintenance to the game and improve overall players’ experience.

The company is also saying that it plans to only keep the game servers down for 2 hours and that the game should be back up and running again by 4 AM GMT, as long as everything goes according to plan.

The development team at BioWare is upgrading the servers’ infrastructure for Star Wars: The Old Republic in order to prepare the MMO for a new patch, which will probably be deployed soon after the servers are back online.

The Old Republic has been taken to a free-to-play model starting with November and BioWare plans to introduce changes that offer more advantages to those gamers who are willing to pay for the MMO experience.

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