Star Wars: Episode 7 – Shadows of the Sith Was in Development at LucasArts – Report

The game was linked to the new movie by Steven Spielberg

The development team at LucasArts worked on a new Star Wars title called Shadows of the Sith, which was supposed to be linked to the seventh movie that is currently in development.

The information comes from a book that presents the history of LucasArts and shows the names of all the canceled projects that the studio has tried to create over the last few years.

It’s unclear whether the studio had access to actual information about the plot of the seventh movie or whether it was simply trying out gameplay ideas before it got official information about the narrative.

Star Wars: Episode 7 – Shadows of the Sith is no longer in development.

At the moment, Disney, which owns the Star Wars franchise, is working with Electronic Arts on games based on the universe, which are being created by DICE and BioWare.

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