Star Trek: The Video Game Launches on April 26, 2013

Players will see Captain Kirk and Spock fight the Gorn

Publisher Namco Bandai says that the official launch date for Star Trek: The Video Game is now set for April 26 of next year on European markets and in Australia, with the North American date set to be confirmed soon.

The company is also showing off the brand new cover for the game, which presents main characters Captain Kirk and Fist Officer Spock.

The developer behind Star Trek: The Video Game is Digital Extremes and the game will see the two protagonists investigate a missing Vulcan colony only to find out that they need to deal with the threat posed by the Gorn.

Star Trek: The Video Game is designed to be played cooperatively, with one gamer focusing on combat and another handling exploration and scientific research.

Star Trek: The Video Game can be played on the PlayStation 3 from Sony, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PC.

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