Star Trek Online Season 8 Will Arrive During March

Gamers will get a new story and more Klingon content

Dan Stahl, an executive producer working on Star Trek Online, says that the team at Cryptic wants to launch the eight season of the MMO at some point during the first half of the year, probably during May.

Apparently, the new planned content will include more quests for the players who choose to create Klingon characters and that an entirely new story arc will be introduced.

The development team are also working on another big feature that they are not yet ready to talk about.

Until Season 8 arrives, players will be able to take part in festivities to celebrate three years since Star Trek Online was launched, sometime during late January.

Dan Stahl also answered a question about the Enterprise-J by saying, “there is very little chance that you’ll see this ship in the game due to its massive size. It is too big in comparison to other ships and would cause issues with gameplay.”

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